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Acer First Wearable Could Be A Fitness Band [Rumor] By Tyler Lee on 04/28/2014 04:03 PDTAcer is a company that is better known for its computers, although in the past we have seen the company attempt tablets and smartphones albeit without the same amount of success that other companies have experienced. That being said, we have heard reports that Acer could be planning to enter into the wearable tech market and according to new rumors, it has been suggested that their debut device could be a fitness band.When we think of wearables, we think of smartwatches such as LG’s G Watch, the Moto 360, Samsung Gear 2, and so on, but it seems that Acer’s interest will kick off with a fitness band that can be paired with a smartphone or tablet, much like other fitness bands available in the market today like the Fitbit Force, Jawbone Up, Nike FuelBand SE, and so on.To help adoption of their alleged fitness band, Acer is said to be teaming up with local fitness centers and hospitals who might help the company promote its products, and given that gyms and hospitals are health related, perhaps customers will see the relevancy and might be interested in purchasing to help them reach their fitness goals.Acer is also said to be launching the device with a brand new ecosystem, although at this point in time we’re not sure if we’re looking at an Android based device that will use Google’s Android Wear SDK, or if Acer might develop something of their own, much like how Samsung is using Tizen in their Gear 2 device. What do you guys think? Should Acer attempt a smartwatch or is a fitness band a good place to start?Filed in Gadgets >Rumors.

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