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Domestic traffic was up slightly, by 0.5%.Brazil experienced the biggest increase (up 21%), followed by China, which saw passenger numbers rise 5.9%, while Russia had a 4.5% increase in passengers.Planes in and out of Heathrow flew 75.6% full last year compared with 75.2% in 2011. The 2012 figure was another record.Cargo traffic for 2012 was down 1.3%.The 2012 statistics were boosted by record December figures, with 5.6 million passing through the airport 2.0% up on December 2011.Colin Matthews, the Heathrow chief executive, said: « The figures for 2012 show Heathrow is delivering higher passenger numbers despite a tough economic climate. At the same time passenger satisfaction reached record levels. »Over the next 12 months we will continue to improve the passenger experience and focus on our investment programme, as we move towards completion of the new Terminal 2. »Floods, staff shortages and constant morning rush hour problems combined to drag down rail punctuality last month.The two main London to Scotland companies East Coast and Virgin West Coast ran fewer than four in five trains on time during the period from 9 December 2012 to 5 January 2013, Network Rail said.London Midland, where passengers have experienced repeated staff shortages, only reached a 77.7% trains on time figure for the period.But some companies ran almost all of their services on time, with London to Tilbury and Southend company c2c achieving a 98% figure.Overall, a total of 88.2% of trains ran on time in the four week period compared with 88.8% in the same period over the new year in 2011/12.Virgin’s figure was 75.8% and East Coast only reached 77.2%.But nine of the 19 companies achieved at least 90%, with London Overground reaching 96.9% and Merseyrail recording 94.5%.A spokesperson for Network Rail (NR) said: « Severe weather with multiple flooding, landslide and embankment slip events caused severe disruption over a number of days to many train operators and particularly impacted our long distance customers. »Some of the worst of the flooding last month was in the West Country.

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